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Vmobile Prepaid Outlet – Payaman Tayong Lahat!!!!

  • Street: Robinsons Ortigas
  • City: Mandaluyong
  • State/Province: N/A
  • Country: Philippines
  • Listed: November 14, 2010 4:44 pm
  • Expires: This ad has expired
Vmobile Prepaid Outlet – Payaman Tayong Lahat!!!!


Do you like to sell eload rather than just consuming it? If you rather be a BUSINESS OWNER then join our universal prepaid eloading!!

Unlike the traditional eloading like you see in “Sari-Sari” stores (small stores), in just 1 load wallet you can sell eload to over 300 products. You also DON’T NEED to have more than 1 cellphone and sim. You can just use your exisiting cellphone and your exisiting sim.

Unlike the traditional eloading like you see in “Sari-Sari” stores (small stores), in just 1  wallet you can sell eload to over 300 . You also DON’T NEED to have more than 1 cellphone and sim. You can just use your exisiting cellphone and your exisiting sim.

Vmobile Dealer/Retailer eloading business advantages:
● capital is not big. Vmobile Dealership is only PHP 3,988.oo versus more than 8k as a “traditional eloader.” Vmobile Retailership is only PHP 250.oo. No joke (walay atik. hindi biro.)
● over 300 prepaid products ex: Smart, Gobe, Sun, TM, Red, all internet services, online gaming, landline, cable tv, online tutorials, AXS, ETC. Varied products means more customers.
● NO SALES QUOTA! Sell at your own pace.
● Market is Wide (over 65 million prepaid users) and STILL EXPANDING…
● DEMAND IS GREAT because load has become our Basic Need.
● Convenient because all transactions are recorded and tallied in your website  and MORE!
● EARTH FRIENDLY. No cards to scratch and throw.
● 2 ways to earn, ELOADING and ENDORSEMENT
● It’s a TEAM BUSINESS!!! Vmobile Memebers can assist you. You’re not an “E” or an “S”, you’re a “B” (refer to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. Poor Dad’s advise is in “E” for employed and “S” for self-employed/specialist. Rich Dad’s advise is “B” for business and “I” for investor.)

Be a VMOBILE BUSINESS OWNER and achieve your “Dreams”!!

63 9321308838

Vmobile  Inc.


Isipin mo:

1. Halos lahat ng tao may cellphone na, at syempre gagamit sila ng load para magamit ang kanilang cellphone
Ibig sabihin, super huge na ang market;

2. Di mo na kailangang mag sales talk, demo, testimony o mag explain sa binebenta mo. Basta LOAD, alam na ng lahat ng tao AT SILA NA LALAPET SAYO!!!

4. WALANG EXPIRATION DATE- walang sayang;

5. kahit saan mo dalhin, sa office, sa school, sa bahay, sa tindahan, at kahit san meron kahit pa sa mga OFW!

6. NECESSITY na ng tao ang LOAD… Pagnaubusan ka ng load, bibibli at bibili ka diba?


1. Lahat ng maisip mong pre-paid product, kaya mo nang ibenta- CELLPHONE LOAD: SMART, GLOBE, SUN, TNT, TM; CABLE TV, INTERNET; WIFI; VOTE CARDS; ONline GAMES; AT marami pang iba- almost 200++ products and still counting.

——-At ngayon, an addition to our product: LBC Flowers—– Send Flowers anywhere in the country

2. NO NEED FOR PHYSICAL INVENTORY- dahil mahal na mahal tayo ng VMOBILE, ang  ng negosyo mo, sagot na! MAY SARILI KA NANG ONLINE-INVENTORY SYSTEM!
Ito ang Web site mo na maglilista ng lahat ng transactions mo.

(take note: “kapag may tiyaga, MARAMING BIYAYA)
ang ROI ay depende kung pano ka magtrabaho; kung masipag ka, sigurado mabilis ang pasok ng kita mo sa lahat ng negosyo na papasukin mo.;

4. We are committed to help you within our capacity in the business-
tulong tulong sa pag-asenso! =)

5. Can be a means to have your extra income without sacrificing your job.

6. We have our own data center– this means that we are capable of making transactions faster and more efficient.

7. One sim, one CELL for all your prepaid load needs.

8. 12% discount sa load kung retailer ka,

9. And an opportunity that only VMOBILE can offer:
AXS Card — wala nang hassle sa pagsakay sa


Since we do not have limits in getting our retailers, lets say we only have 20 retailers as example base with just a minimum of P1000 sales per day.

Lets see the R.O.I.:

5 ways to earn:

1. Buy & Sell of Loads-
Ikaw mismo ang nagbebenta ng load:
around 13.2% ang kita mo
if you are selling at P1000 a day
P1000 sales (gross) x 13.2% = P132 kita mo per day
P132 x 30 days = P3960 per month

2. Sell Retailers
(which will franchise from you the  business)

P300 per retailer sign up
P150 will be your outright kita kasi: P100 is for registration & P50 is automatically a starting loadwallet for your retailer.
if you have 20 retailer sign-up (like what we gave as an example above)

P150 (outright kita) x 20 retailers = P3,000 kita from retailer sign up.

3. Your retailers are selling loads, so you will have 2% override from their sales:

if they are relatively selling P1000.00 everyday, you will get 2% from their sales
(this is generated by the system so you will not deduct it from your retailers).

P1000 sales x 20 retailers = P20,000 sales from retailers
P20,000 sales from retailers x 2% override = P400 override
P400 override x 30 days = P12,000 per month override mo as dealer in a month!

way #1 – P 3,960
way #2 – 3,000
way #3 – 12,000


You tell me… =)


4. There are people who wants to be dealers also, you may make them franchise the business.
and as an incentive, you will receive P500.00 comission for every dealership sign up:

lets say 10 out of your 20 retailers want to be a dealer

10 dealer sign up x P500 incentive = P5,000

5. The  gives also incentives to groups that are masipag and very committed:

LIke in the call center industry, we also have team bonuses- for every team that can produce a pair of business excutive leader, the team will receive a P500 bonus:

team a team b

5 leaders 5 leaders

= ADDITIONAL P 2,500.00


WAY 1,2,&3 – P 18,960
WAY 4 – 10,000
way 5 – 5,000
P 33,960.00


Pero syempre, its not easy when we are not working for it.

Not everyone can see this opportunity to earn,
and you have the chance to do this, why not start now?

i know u have questions in mind..
visit this site so you will know how this thing works
LoadXtreme – Frequently Asked Questions

for other concerns, questions regarding VMOBILE, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Business Presentation:

Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm or 6:00pm to 7pm everyday . I can also accommodate weekends from 10am-6pm 😉

contact: 09321308838 for Sit Reservation

Just look for Ron (Dealer Consultant)

Ad Reference ID: 8374ce00c34e49d4

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15 Responses to “Vmobile Prepaid Outlet – Payaman Tayong Lahat!!!!”

  1. Technopreneur101 on November 14, 2010 @ 5:23 pm

    Congratulations to JM Leonard of Pasig City

    for purchasing Fast Track Package! WELCOME TO VMOBILE! payaman na tayo! keep it up!

    Will definitely assist you on how the program works.

  2. Technopreneur101 on November 14, 2010 @ 5:26 pm

    Thank you Ms. ANNE CAYABYAB OF MUNTINLUPA for purchasing retailer account.

    😀 Share the blessings to others… the more you refer the more you can earn BIG!!!
    Nakatulong ka pa sa kapwa mo ;D

  3. Technopreneur101 on November 14, 2010 @ 5:27 pm

    Thank you MR. Jeremias Matthew of Angeles Pampanga for purchasing MASTER DEALERSHIP account. For sure po bawing bawi po ang inyong puhunan dyan sa area nyo…

  4. Technopreneur101 on November 26, 2010 @ 4:28 am

    Congratulations to Than Garcia of Quezon City for purchasing Tripack Package.

    Payaman tayong Lahat!!!!

  5. Technopreneur101 on November 27, 2010 @ 5:04 am

    Ms. Donna Reyes of Alabang for purchasing MASTER DEALERSHIP account. For sure po bawing bawi po ang inyong puhunan dyan sa area nyo…

  6. Vmobile is a pyramid SCAM. Wag kayo maniwala na yayaman kayo. ang totoo nya ang sila ang yayaman ang mga upline. this is an act of swindling. kaya beware

  7. @:

    I dont’ think scam ang VMOBILE…. Meron bang SCAM na may DTI Permit number at Tie up sa mga bangko? Wala naman diba?

    Check nyo po ito..


    Kumita na nga yung kaclassmate ko nung college e dahil dito..

    Aminin na natin lahat ng tao gusto makatipid sa load these days.

  8. @Vinz: NO! VMobile is not a scam. Ang mga taong mag tiwala sa sarili at mag trabaho ay yayaman dito ngunit ang mga taong palagi nalang negatibo ay tiyak na walang improvement sa sarili.

  9. dba minsan, down ang server ng globe or smart , yung mga normal na retailer di maka pag benta ng load… so, how about this… may ganun din ba?

  10. kailan po maaapprove yung sa SEC? excited na kasi ako magkaroon ng sales menu sa cp with my account. Nowadays, I need to have a personal load to render services. lumiliit ang kita. 🙂

    • hindi kaya sobra2 ang pakinabang ng kumpanya dito kumpara sa mga members? Pananaw ko lang po ito pero in fairness mainam pagkakitaan kung tratrabuhin talaga!

  11. Think Amway and all of the other pyramid scams. These were legally registered businesses that turned out to be scams. Vmobile is a scam, if the bulk of the profit is not from load, but from the membership fees (yung 4000 pesos na technopreneur package). I have friends who have joined, and from their online statements, I have to conclude, that their PROFIT (yes this can be profitable) is from referrals or “endorsements” (puro in multiples of 500 yung nakalagay sa statements eh). Now to comment on the above ROI calculation… c’mon this is pretty unrealistic… 20 retailers selling 1000 per day and all under one person? and then think about how unrealistic it would be for each of those 20 retailers to have 20 more retailers under them? Ya right… sino pa pagbentahan mo kung ganun? Sa Los Baños nga, sa labas lang ng UPLB, ilan lang ang main load retailers, wla pa atang 5. If selling load were really profitable, more people would be doing it. The only main advantage of Vmobile over the programs of globe, smart and so on is that sa isang sim lang ang dami mo nang TYPES ng load products na mabenta. From the research I’ve done, I have to conclude that overall, vmobile is a scam that is using Prepaid LOAD as a cover up. It doesn’t matter if they are a legally registered business, the scam is that the bulk of the profit isn’t from load it is from membership. @:

  12. Just realized… think how the author of this post is making a profit.. is it from ways 1, 2, and 3 or is it from 4 and 5? In my opinion, 1, 2, and 3, are totally ok.. however, I doubt you’re gonna make a lot from doing that. Well, if you read the comments up above.. it sure seems like ways 4 and 5… Now, if i’m wrong, please enlighten me. Just avoid ad hominems and respond to the above comments.

  13. @: utang na loob ha ako e talagang bad trip n s inyo..gusto ko ng mag sisi kung bakit ako na enganyong bumili at mag load sa inyo… tagal mag send ng next load tapos ayaw pa ng mataas n amount… kung gusto nyo talagang kumita ang member ayusin nyo NGAYON n ang service nyo…tae….

  14. Technopreneur101 on September 17, 2011 @ 2:46 pm

    To answer your questions po… lalo sa mga taong nagtatanong.

    Vinz, hindi po eto scam… hindi naman eto irerecognize ng Telco companies at mga bangko kung scam dba? at mahigpit ang requirements ng mga bangko pag gusto mo sa kanila makipagtie up.


    may announcement sa website nila kung down ang server… tsaka announcement sa cellphone at facebook.com account nila at sa community forums like http://www.pesorepublic.com etc. and techronnati.com dapat lang sila ma informed yung downtime kasi talagang lumalaki na ang network ng VMOBILE… check out http://www.pesorepublic.com/db/online-income-opportunities/cellphone-mo-ibisnis-mo/

    Nigel, naapprove po ang SEC and DTI… nakalagay po dito yung mga licenses


    bgdisc ,

    Hi po, yep yung kitaan ng 4,5 ay optional lang po.. meaning pwedeng hindi mo po gawin 🙂 nagkataon lang po na eto ang pinaka mabenta at pinaka pinagkakakitaan ng lahat…. aminado naman ako dito…. actually wala naman talaga ako balak i-network eto kung walang option na ganun kasi ang talagang purpose ko lang nung una e gusto ko lang po magkadiscount sa load kasi nakakamagkano din ako sa isang buwan… ngayon na merong ganito po so personally nagkakadiscount na ako…. kung hindi ako kumuha edi sana sa labas pa ako bibili ng load tapos wala pang discount? Ilang years na rin akong ganun …. so ngayon nagkakadiscount na ako sa load malaki na din natipid ko at the same time e naging business ko na din .. kumikita pa ako…. kasi naishashare ko sa ibang tao … iba’t iba kasi ang hilig ng tao… ako nga e… di ko talaga hilig magbenta ng load kasi talagang nakakapagod at maya’t maya pa kukulitin ka na load-an mo sila tapos utang pa… edi might as well ibenta ko nalang yung mga access card na meron ako… marami naman may gusto.. kasi nga P300 lang yun… not bad lifetime discount mo na yun sa lahat ng network kasama games!!!! internet…basta lahat ng prepaid products … dba? lahat ng tao gusto makatipid ng load… imagin-in mo yun diba? So since marami may gusto ng load bakit di ko i-network? kikita pa ako? so ayun kakashare ko ng experience ko marami ang nag jojoin .. nakatulong pa ako sa iba magkabisnis… kung ayaw ng tao dito edi huwag? magload ka sa iba kung gusto mong umalis pa ng bahay at magload sa iba… marami dyan…. wala naman pilitan dito sa business na eto e… remember side business ko lang eto….pero kung maging ok eto sa mga susunod na buwan e baka magresign na din ako sa work dba? hehehe

    Tsaka sino naman ang hindi kikita sa maliit na puhunan? again P3988 lang eto… one time investment lang eto… para ka lang bumili ng sapatos … di tulad ng sapatos na nasisira after sometime eto e pwede ka pang lumago ..lifetime nga e… hindi naman tutubo pera mo na 3988 pag nilagay mo sa bangko e… kumita pa bangko sa iyo pag dineposit mo don edi dito nalang at least may discount ka pa saload, may business ka pa, hindi na hassle magpaload sa iba may chance pa to lumaki ang investment mo pag masipag ka … at importante. nakatulong ka pa sa iba magkadiscount tulad mo … sa dami ba naman ng cellphone users at gusto magkatipid ng load dba?

    Ang future trend talaga ng VMOBILE is one access card – one cellphone user… one is to one …personal ang approach at hindi for mass loading ang target market ng VMOBILE… kung sino nagloload edi sya ang target market.. nagkakataon lang na pwede magbenta din sa iba kasi yun ang gusto ng iba… at kokonti palang may loading station talaga lalo na sa probinsya….
    pero pagnakataon dadami at dadami na ang may VMOBILE at marami na din ang magiging milyonaryo… 🙂

    I did my research from worldbank.org and adb.org kung ano ang penetration rate ng cellphone users at mobile business sa bansa… malaki talaga 🙂 may copy ako ng research na yun miski isearch mo sa wikipedia.com ang market sa mobile business… for sure dadami pa ang pwede maging millionaire ng dahil sa cellphone at emerging technologies ngayon at naniniwala ako.. kasama na ako don siguro sa magiging millionaires hehehe… 🙂

    Kung skeptic ka pa din wala naman ako magagawa e. di naman kita pinipilit e at hindi lang nmaan ikaw ang may cellphone. nagdagdagan na actually kita ko.. yan nakapost dyan e dati pa yan.. September na ngayon … nag 6 digit na din ako hehehe 🙂

    Kung gusto maraming paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan. Kung gusto mo magbago pananaw mo sa buhay at maging blessing sa iba, magkadiscount sa load .. eto po number ko 09321308838

    hi po…. baka nagloload kayo pag down ang server? talagang hindi gagana ang loading pag ganun… pa try po paadd sa facebook account at sa pesorepublic yung VMOBILE at mainform po kayo sa status ng server natin. may mga maintenance activities silang ginagawa lalo pa na ngayon ang dami na nagloload gamit neto lalo na sa mga probinsya… 24×7 na ang call center nila for assistance kasi marami na din sa ibang bansa ang nakaroaming na gumagamit ng loading facility ng VMOBILE… kagaya lang din eto sa SMART and SUN dati.. mabagal… pero ngayon mabilis na… nag iimprove naman ang system natin overtime. kaya wag mag -alala…

    Sa mga interesado po pwede nyo po ako contakin… sasagutin ko po questions nyo..

    peace everyone!!!

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